Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Frozen Fever

Frozen Fever

I realize the Frozen frenzy has died down in the past few months but I have a good feeling it's going to get hot again really soon.  Not only is there a second Frozen movie in the works but there is a traveling Frozen on Ice show going around the country.  I have also just heard about Disney's Epcot coming out with a "Frozen Ever After" attraction.  To catch a glimpse of it click here.  Looks pretty spectacular, so don't put your snowflakes away just yet!
My friend Bridget recently threw a Frozen themed birthday party for her four-year-old daughter.  She did all the decorations, baking and crafts herself.  She is insanely creative as you can see, but the best thing is, is that you can do it all yourself too!

Here are some fun ideas on how to throw your own Frozen themed party from start to finish!

Let your guests know where the party is!  This sign totally sets the mood for the festivities.

Start with some fun Frozen decorations.  These are easy to put together yourself.  Bridget found these figures at the Dollar store, but you can find them online on Amazon or even Target and the Disney Store still carry them.  Glass jars and beads are from Michaels.

Have some super delish snacks and drinks for your guests.

This Blizzard Brew was made so easily.  All you need is Blue Hawaiian Punch, Sprite and scoops of vanilla ice cream. Voila!

 There is one recipe that Bridget likes to make for all her festive functions and it is always the hit of the party.  They are called Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles and they are devine!  The recipe comes from The Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook by Lindsay Landis.  But you can also find the recipe here.

Cotton candy stuck on a stick and bagged to look pretty!
Anna and Elsa make their appearance at the party and entertain the cuties for a bit before returning to Arrendale.

And the craft activity stations are now open!  Here are some creative ways to entertain the little princesses.

Decorating their own pictures frames with jewels, stickers, wood frames and glue all from Michaels Craft Store.
Decorate your own cookie.  Everyone loves a heavily frosted cookie!

This next craft was everyone's favorite.  Such a creative yet easy idea to pull off.  Building your own Frozen snow globe.  All you need are small mason jars, lots of glitter and lots of baby oil.  Just glue the little Frozen figures into the cap of the jar beforehand.  The rest is up to the guests to put together.  

First put as much glitter as you want into the empty jar with the figure glued to the base already.  Then you pour baby oil into the jar.  Fill the jar up so that's it's almost to the top where the lid screws on.  I'd say there is about 10-15% of space at the top of the jar.  Then you screw the lid onto the top and you have your very own Frozen snow globe.

With all the fun crafts the girls were collecting, they needed something to keep it all in.  Each girl was given their own Frozen bag to put all their goodies in.  I've seen these at Target recently and you can just put each girl's name on the bag so they know which one belongs to them.  Perfect party favor keepsake bag.

Moral of the story is that if you find your little one asking for a Frozen themed party for the first, second or even a third time... just Let It Go and start party planning!  

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