Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Wedding Inspiration!

Halloween weddings – or Halloweddings, for short – can often be quite overdone to look more like a Halloween frat party than an actual wedding.  However, there are some ways to take Halloween from tacky to classy and still have a lot of fun! Check below for a few ideas to make your Halloween wedding truly spooktacular!

Add to the classy décor with a little tongue-in-cheek message on a pumpkin or two at the altar, such as “Til Death Do Us Part…”
Image found via Society Bride Blog
Add an elegant cake with lots of details or  a clean white cake with a touch of character.
A black veil will definetely make things interesting.
Go elegant with this beautiful lavender rose bouquet. Birke Photography and Valley Flower Company
Have golden mini pumpkins as a seating guide and favors.
Make the inside feel like an enchanted forest by using tree branches, grasses, berries, some dark red roses and pumpkins. Give the halloween feel by adding black table cloths and chairs. Birke Photography and Valley Flower Company
Bridesmaids in black tulle…via ouma on Etsy

Rustic twilight inspired shoot with an elegant candlelight display courtesy of
Put your spookiest foot forward in black satin pumps.
Photo by: Lacie Hansen on Kelly Oshiro via

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  1. Glad to know about your Halloween wedding inspiration ideas. Couple of months ago, I arranged Halloween party with my friends at one of amazing venues in Atlanta. Invited all my close friends and had good time with them.